All names and identifying details of clients have been changed to protect confidentiality

How can I… understand myself better?

Do you ever wish you knew why you keep making the same mistakes? Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Do you ever find yourself wondering what life’s about?  These are the areas clients often want to look at in sessions.  Often people come for therapy with no clear idea of what they want…

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How can I . . . get included more?

Ever feel side-lined and ignored? Fiona came to see me for a few sessions to help her to get along with other people.  She was in her thirties and she told me that she had recently moved to this city and felt lonely at work.  She had no friends in her workplace, despite working in…

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How can I. . . just get on with it?

Do you really want to make those changes? Are you scared you’ll fail or that people will laugh at you? My good friend Susan laughs at me when I quote the great Yoda from the Star Wars films, who said “Do or do not, there is no try.”  Yet this is one of my mottos…

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