FAWNS is for parents whose children are known to Children’s Services.  The work is designed to help parents to engage more thoroughly and effectively with the professionals assigned to work with them.  Generational cycles of neglect are likely to be features.


Our Focussed Approach is trauma-informed and aims to provide and promote a safe, encouraging experience for parents.

The three main elements we look at are Wellbeing, Nurturing and Safeguarding which are all vital to meeting the needs of children.

  • Wellbeing – looks at both the health and welfare of the parents and how this affects children through developing awareness of their physical, emotional and psychological needs.
  • Nurturing – focuses on providing a caring, encouraging and supportive structure for people to model in their own behaviour towards others.
  • Safeguarding – explores ways of keeping adults and children safe in their own relationships, local surroundings and interactions with other people.


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