Consultancy & Training


We have frequent requests from other professionals to discuss difficult situations in their workplaces and how we might assist.  Recent examples are;

  • A solicitor asking whether a psychologist or a psychiatrist would be best to assess a particular issue for the Family Courts
  • A teacher asking how best to support a child who had been bereaved following familial homicide
  • A social worker asking how to gain the trust of a father diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, in order to assess his parenting abilities
  • A vicar asking how to support a man convicted of sexual offences
  • A barrister asking how to soothe a distressed, traumatised client

Preliminary chats are always free of charge and if additional support is required, a bespoke package of training, mentoring and ongoing consultancy can be discussed.

We have delivered various lectures, seminars and workshops on issues such as emotional wellbeing at work, emotional wellbeing in parents, personality development, working with complex clients, assessing those with learning difficulties, assessing those with personality difficulties, managing group dynamics, managing psychopathic clients.  Our most recent community event in Manchester was about loneliness and a recent lecture was about child sexual exploitation.

Please ask about our bespoke training and consultancy packages.

Helen is an experienced supervisor.  She is a Senior Board Member and Chief Supervisor on the British Psychological Society’s Qualification in Forensic Psychology and is on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS).  She has supervised trainee psychologists, qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and other professionals.  A package of supervision, mentoring, management support and coaching can be provided for all professions to meet CPD requirements.

Show real investment in your staff by contacting us about employee-assistance packages. These are bespoke services for your company’s needs and can include in-depth personality assessments, psychotherapy, coaching, mentoring and supervision sessions.

Training Workshop Testimonials:

‘Very informative. Makes you believe you don’t need to be a trained psychologist to put it all into practice’

‘The suggestions to achieve emotional wellbeing were helpful and practical, for those who want to change’

‘Encouraging and empowering.  It relates to life and people’s real situations’

‘I loved the personality case-studies.  Time for the extra discussion was useful’

Group Work Testimonials:

'She made me feel very comfortable.  She’s willing to help any of us and was very supportive towards all group members.'

'You provided a really useful alternative viewpoint and asked really good open questions from different perspectives.'

'Gave fresh eyes to the group and good insight into a lot of different things.  Her experience showed us how good she is.  She’s also very understanding. '